Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

In the event of your pet becoming unwell or injured in my care I will seek veterinary advice. Depending on the urgency I will either use your vet or take your pet to the nearest vet practise. I will also do my best to contact you on the emergency contact number provided. If I cannot get hold of anyone I will do what I believe to be in your pets best interest whilst still attempting to make contact with you. You will be asked to pay for the time and fuel costs incurred for this care. All vet fees will also be your responsibility.

It is useful to know about your pets recent health and behaviour, for example lameness or upset tummy when assisting you with their care. This can be left in a note for me or sent in a text.


Saturday or Sunday walks can be arranged if needed, as can evening walks, but this is for occasional weekends or evenings only and cannot be booked as regular walks. They will incur an extra charge of £3.00 per walk. 


Holiday Care & House Sitting may cover weekends and will not be charged extra for this service unless it is a bank holiday or over the Christmas period.

Care may be arranged on Bank Holidays by separate request however this will incur a 50% surcharge. Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day will be charged double and will be an extremely limited service.


Every effort will be made to honor any agreed bookings with you, but if for any reason I cannot attend your home to see your pet, I will give you as much notice as possible to allow you the chance to make alternative arrangements.


If you need to cancel or change a booking please give at LEAST 24hrs notice. If this is not possible you may be charged part of the fee to cover my potential loss of income.


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